The Economic Case For Reforestation

The benefits forests offer humanity can be accounted for through an interdisciplinary framework known as the triple bottom line. The economic theory contrasts from the neoliberal model in that it transcends a purely financial definition of value, opting instead to incorporate social and environmental concerns as well. The three pillars don’t stand as isolated columns. Instead, they weave around each other, entangling and disentangling like streams of a waterfall.

Reforestation aligns the three pillars of sustainability, and this fact has not been lost on the investment class. Planting trees improves human well-being by mitigating pollution…

Reforestation 2.0

The reforestation community, like any ecosystem, is sustained through the careful alignment of members occupying different niches. Corporations are interested in offsetting their carbon to meet regulatory requirements, as well as displaying corporate social responsibility to their customer base. Meanwhile, governments are responding to increasing anxiety about the climate crisis with ambitious tree-planting commitments at local, national, and global levels. Investors hoping to cash in on novel carbon markets are investing heavily in reforestation projects, who in turn stay afloat by proving the success of their tree planting operations. …

Happy Earth Day from the ORP Team!

Earth Day is a chance for all of us to take some time and reflect on our relationship with the natural world. Many of us will be marching in the streets today, demanding action on pressing environmental issues like climate change and habitat destruction. Some communities are gathering together (socially distanced, one can hope), cleaning up litter, planting trees, or establishing community gardens. If you can get around to any of these activities, please do. If you still have time after doing any of these good acts, we invite you to spend your…

Reforestation is a Nature-based Climate Solution

Climate change sounds like a concept dreamed up by a malevolent deity in order to maximize anxiety in the population. The effects are diverse and unpredictable in time and space, individual contributions pale in comparison to the scope of the problem, and failing to stop the crisis in time means the destruction of everything that makes life worth living. It’s no wonder understanding modern climate science leads to mental health issues ranging from anxiety and depression to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Breaking down the problem can be helpful in overcoming this general sense of helplessness…

The Beginner’s Guide to Reforestation

Forests represent the richest pool of natural resources humanity has access to, and boy have we been accessing it. Every day, 41 million trees are cut down around the globe. Deforestation destroys vital habitat for threatened species, warms the globe, and threatens the livelihoods of forest-dependent human communities. The best way to reverse these negative trends is by preventing deforestation in the first place. The second best way is through reforestation.

The goal of a reforestation project is to build resilient forests, which can sustain human and animal life into perpetuity. Therefore, it is really…

By Michael Kelly

ORP is a project two years in the making. It started as a pet project, borne out of discussions with a professor interested in the potential of tracking reforested trees using blockchain technology. It grew into a larger idea that caught traction after discussions with reforestation practitioners revealed the need for improved tree-planting metrics. Today, ORP is being built for a clear market need that has only just started to emerge.

The Open Reforestation Protocol is a permissionless system for managing the monitoring, reporting, and verification of reforestation projects — and eventually, much more. It straddles two…

Open Reforestation Protocol

Open source platform for next generation reforestation projects. Transparently measure, report, and verify the entire life cycle of trees.

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